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Swallow Automatic Male Masturbator Cup 3 Sucking Modes

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  • 3 powerful sucking brings you real oral sex fun.
  • Realistic swallowing stimulation with deep throat wrap.
  • 4 automatic vibrating modes for varied sensations.
  • One-click climax with strongest vibration and suction.
  • Detachable sleeve, easy to clean.
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Male Masturbator Cup 7

3 Suction Modes & 4 Vibrating Modes & One-Click Button Modes

  • Each mode could give you an ultra-realistic oral sex experience, and the sucking and vibrating modes could be used together or separately.
  • Press the suck button to start the STORM-MODE. In this mode, the masturbation cup starts the continuous high-energy working state.
  • The swallowing male masturbator cup is your ultimate travel buddy whether you’re hitting the road for business or fun!

Male Masturbator Cup 8

One-Click Climax & One-Click Release

One-Click Climax mode, vacuum sucking simulates swallowing, and the penis vibrator is like rotating friction in the mouth. Between this sucking and vibration, all your sex experiences are close to reality. In this mode, the vibration and suction instantly reach the highest level, and your bro could enjoy full wraps and strong throat swallowing movements. At the same time, in order to protect your safety, we also designed a one-button release, press the exhaust button, the sucking force will be released, air will be exhausted, and the inner sleeve will shrink.

Male Masturbator Cup 9

Perfect Restoration of Oral Sex Feelings

This male masturbator cup by simulating real oral sex swallowing, and the in-depth cycle mode brings you a real sucking feeling. As the air is drawn in, the inside will squeeze and expand, and your brother will be sucked in tightly, plunging deep into her with each breath, feeling the thrill of soft friction. Inside the sleeve, lots of tentacles will touch and rub your bro like a sea anemone with a powerful suck, each tentacle contributes to getting you a step closer to the sensational big O.

Male Masturbator Cup 10

Innovative Automatic Sucking Masturbation Cup

This Swallowing Automatic Male Masturbator Cup integrates up to 7 sex technologies to bring you into the era of sex 3.0 and push the sex experience to a higher level. It has 3 sucking and 4 vibrating modes, which can give your bro double strong stimulation. The masturbation cup sleeve is Made of TPE material, and it doesn’t have any unpleasant smell. And the plump inner sleeve will tightly wrap your bro and drive your penis with each thrust and take you into the top-level satisfaction you never had before.

Male Masturbator Cup 11

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Swallow Automatic Male Masturbator Cup 3 Sucking Modes



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