1pcs Metal Anal Butt Plugs with Heart Jewel


  • Best butt plugs for anus sexual pleasure.
  • Conical tip design, smooth and easy to insert.
  • Multiple colors & sizes for your options.
  • Sense of Metal & Gravity Strengthens your Sensitives.
  • Lubricate entire length of the anal beads before use.


  • Blue
  • Pink
  • Purple


  • SS
  • MM
  • LL
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Best Butt Plugs for Anus Sexual Pleasure

The butt plugs are the best sex toy that is designed to be used in the anus for sexual pleasure.
Anal toys are designed to look like a small bullet in some ways and tend to be shorter and have a flared heart-shaped base to prevent the device from being lost inside the anus.

Conical Tip Design, Friendly to Beginners

The anal plug has a thin conical tip which is wider in the middle, making it easily and smoothly to enter the anus.
For beginners, this is the ideal anal bead. Not only does it have a shorter length but it also has a smaller girth which is perfect for those who want to start with a smaller size. Since beginners usually have sensitive skin and are not accustomed to having sex toys inserted in their anus.

Multiple Colors & Sizes for Your Options

3 colors and 3 sizes butt plugs for your multiple choices. These butt plugs allow you to be sexually aroused and play with yourself in a safe environment. You can also get a longer and wider butt plug once you are accustomed to the sex toy.

Sense of Metal & Gravity Strengthen Your Sensitives

Both the cold metal material touch feelings and the sense of gravity strengthen the sensitive nerves of the anus, making it easy to reach orgasm.
You can wear this anal butt in secret all day long, and enjoy the pleasure of deepening and expansion.

Before use

It’s recommended to Lubricate the entire length of the anal beads and your bottom before play to get a comfortable extraordinary sexual experience when using it with your partner.

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1pcs Metal Anal Butt Plugs with Heart Jewel



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